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updating my theme like [puts a disclaimer in my description]

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PARDON ME for thinking you’d want fic of YOUR NEW SHIP <33333333

one day im gonna go with “my lawyer made me change the name of this fic so i didnt get sued” for everything and never go back

damn STRAIGHT pardon u aka the one who made me ship it in the first place

i’m just gonna call everything “untiltled #1” and go “it’s a keane song” (true)

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No, no, it doesn’t matter what they said. Family isn’t about whose womb you come from or whose blood type you share. It’s um… You remember when your mom and I went out, and left Ben in charge for the first time? And you guys had that huge fight and you kicked a hole in the bedroom door - yeah, it was obvious, no you weren’t fooling anybody - and he took the rap for you, right? ‘Cause that’s what real brothers do, whether they’re blood relatives or not, they look out for each other. Those guys may have been related, but they weren’t brothers. There’s a difference.

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- “Hal!”
- “Matt!”

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ok i lied i’m already finished with it i just like making it look like i have a life

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me making “fsbook - matt’s birthday” right now like

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no u dont ehehehe

i had to title something you that’s hard for me


yo ask any of my rp partners and you’ll know you can’t be worse than i am

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picture the most serious character that you know of

now picture them tripping ungracefully and falling down some stairs

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at some point johanna is gonna block me from sending her messages

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Title: You and I (Playing Along)
Rating: T
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Relationship: Kurt Wagner/Scott Summers
Summary:  Someone won’t let Kurt say no to going to the dance with him, so Kurt blurts out that he’s dating someone.  He ropes Scott into playing along.

Read chapter I here~

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i just realized- fsbook. falling skies book instead of facebook. oh god.

liz it’s me. when is something i write ever not wordplay lbr

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ffs i still have four more finished fsbook posts in my drafts folder

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