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OWL:S in the swedish dub of harry potter are called ‘GET prov’ which would translate to ‘goat exam’

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at least with sam rp ads in the sartie tag you know it’s actual sartie

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someone put a leash and a cone on that boy before he causes more damage

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who needs a psychic when i realized within 5 minutes that they could just start listing off the names of dead people

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watching the americans struggle with broadcasts from other countries is so satisfying ngl i am totally laughing at the u.s artie/kevin standom’s pain rn

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i’m the same way. i can love actors and what they do and who they are, but I don’t get aslkfjasdf about them ever

jackie - putting flawless words on my feels since probably forever

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boy is perfection but me is generally not hardcore about actors

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at times i think i’m the worst kevin stan out there and then i remember that’s because i’m not a kevin stan

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i just watched the new ep again and i take it back

matt wearing tom’s jacket is the most important thing

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matt could be a wrinkly old man and i’ll still fight to protect little baby matty

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petition to overprotect matt mason until he’s 100 years old at least 

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not at all still emotionally traumatized by how suliet ended (⊙‿⊙✿)

not at all

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