ok fine geordi was his nerdy technosass too but i was 15 by then so

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"i started off stanning the character because i was 13 and hot for his fictional cock but then it grew into the stiffest of affection erections" - the story of how my old favs became my favs

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X-men throughout the Media: Cyclops
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sartiebodyshots replied to your post: So I was watching my programs, mindi…

oh no not the skies

always the skies

even if the sky is falling down

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Lost Meme

↳  nine characters [8/9] - Hurley Reyes

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i can only describe the amount of candy i bought today as “hella”

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Here comes a hurricane.

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somebody should write me a fic about the xmen nominating each other and completing the ice bucket challenge

bobby gets way too big of a thrill about providing all the ice

hank and kurt grumbling because the don’t like wet (but they do it anyway)

wolverine glaring stoically at the camera

somebody just dumps it on scott after he tries to get out of it

piotr trying to get into his organic steel form but everyone protests that that’s cheating

storm offers to do a bucket free mass drenching

sunspot runs inside

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for being an evil enemy force youth camp leader who tried to brainwash then strangle my favorite character i sure loved ken and was sad to see him go

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true friendship is making up headcanons together and crying


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Well I suppose thats just…Geordi’s type.


Well I suppose thats just…Geordi’s type.

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tmnt 2k12 april is voiced by mae whitman?

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Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve dreamt up this scene.

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