original character is free


original character is free

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i pity all of you who doesn’t have “ö” in your languages

i mean

you can’t write “höhö”



höhö is the best way to laugh

its not jolly like haha

its not mischievous like hehe

it’s just

höhö ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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yay super exaggerated foreign accents

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no it’s always a number in america

2 spooky

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wait do you not have 00:00 on am/pm time?

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i’m coming into this conversation late but i like the way it sounds. are we all getting hitched?

as surely as my vows will include “for better and for worse fandoms”

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it’s been here for over 2 hours get it together bastard

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y’all americans’ obsession with october is the true spooky thing

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i just like reminding everyone we’re all getting married

with jackie in the marriage that’s completely understandable

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thinking about how hal dived in front of matt the second the picketts started shooting at them i’m roughly 3000% convinced he would have done the same in “be silent and come out” if he hadn’t been the one overtaken by evil and doing the shooting

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it’s why we’re all getting married

one reason among so many

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aaaahhhhhh be safe

you two just get it

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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s gas leak time!

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Anonymous said:

Why do you like Artie? and why do you ship Sartie?

I feel like you just asked me the million dollar question. I couldn’t possibly express every reason why I love Artie and Sartie in one short ask, but I’ll say that the main reason is ~NERD ALERT. Also, I love Artie because he’s smart as fuck, a dork, he doesn’t change who he is to please anyone else, he has a sense of morality that is painfully rare in the Glee universe, and of course for the rad sweaters. I ship Sartie because they’d have so much to nerd out over together, and I think they’d be a really good example of an idealist and a realist bringing out the best in each other. Also, #artieforbi and #samisgaytho.

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